Formateur certifié

Hans van Herwaarden

Hans van Herwaarden is trainer at Gladwell Academy

He is a certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer Candidate, a transformational agile leader and an agile trainer/coach that has a unique blend of executive level experience and subject matter expertise.

He is truly a innovating entrepreneur with an unparalleled sense for long-term strategic direction. Assisting both SME’s as well as big organizations, he can quickly identify, communicate and help execute agile and forward thinking strategies, creating a (renewed) sense of excitement and “purpose” for all stakeholders involved.

His leadership qualities typically create trust and unity, communicating visionary direction and laying out the roadmap to new and agile futures. Working internationally for over 25 years, and holding many transformational leadership positions in different profit as well as not-for-profit organizations, Hans has created a vast international network in business, finance, education as well as government.

Hans holds triple master degrees and a doctorate degree in International Business Management. He has a long standing as faculty member teaching in the field of IT and business at multiple universities, while being a successful entrepreneur at the same time. His approach to problems and/or opportunities is both fact-based and analytic as well as compelling and inspirational.

Hans is qualified to teach Leading SAFe (SA), Safe for Teams (ST), SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), SAFe Scrum Master (SSM), SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) and SAFe DevOps (SDP).